Private Mausoleum Overview


Learn about why a growing number of people choose a private mausoleum and how to get started with custom mausoleum construction.

Overview of Private Mausoleums

Private mausoleums used to be for the rich and famous. Mausoleums of the ancient world were constructed to house royalty, state leaders, intellectuals, artists, and other notable persons. Today, more people – from the wealthy to middle class – are choosing private mausoleums for a number of reasons. Learn more about private mausoleums by consulting with a professional.

Why Private Mausoleums?

While some people choose a community mausoleum as their final resting place, others opt for private mausoleums for a number of reasons. Private mausoleums provide:

  • Ultimate customization of your mausoleum design.
  • A sturdy final resting place that is secure from the elements.
  • A private structure to house individuals and their family members.
  • Quality architecture that will last for generations.
  • Control over the location, design, and privacy of your final resting place.

Client Service

When you choose a private mausoleum, a professional consults with you to plan your mausoleum design and construction. Your mausoleum construction expert walks you through planning and customizing your mausoleum design, the location of your mausoleum, landscaping, and other important considerations.

Mausoleum Design

Mausoleum designs span a range of styles, from classic architecture to the ultra modern. Stately Greek columns, a minimalist modern art museum, an observatory-like dome design, an open-air structure – whatever you prefer, your mausoleum design team brings your vision to life. The sky’s the limit with your design. View popular mausoleum designs to get inspiration for your private mausoleum.

Quality Construction

Private mausoleum craftsmen use the highest quality materials to construct your private mausoleum. The finest granite, marble, stone, and glass are used to create a durable and elegant structure that lasts for generations. Your private mausoleum is not just a final resting place, but also an architectural masterpiece to be be admired by family members, friends and neighbors.

Private Mausoleum Consultation

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