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Industry references

Industry References

Having developed more than 400 Community Mausoleums around the world Ingram Construction has generated a large following of devoted clients that are always happy to provide excellent references based on their experience with our trusted organization.

Finest Materials

Finest Materials

Ingram Construction builds for future generations. We provide the highest quality materials at reasonable prices. We are firm believers in quality over quantity. Let us show you that quality can be affordable.

Compelling Designs

Compelling Designs

We’ve designed more than 400 Community Mausoleums and have become the indsutry experts at matching the needs of your community with a design that is representative. Each community mausoleum is custom designed to suit your needs.

Cost Guarantee

Cost Guarantee

At Ingram Construction when we give you a quote, we stand by it. With nearly 40 years in the business we know how to project mausoleum costs and guarantee we will deliver at or below our quoted price.

Community Mausoleum History

Community mausoleums, mausoleums where anyone can be entombed and a fairly new method of interment, are not a new concept. The first mausoleum was built for King Mausolus by his wife in 353 B.C. As history marched on, more employed this form of interment. The royalty of Europe brought this type of above-ground burial into the limelight with carved stone likenesses lying prone on a sarcophagus. But it was the Spanish who began the use of wall vaults and the French’s Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris (the first of the rurally located cemeteries near a large city) that turned the use of a community mausoleum into common practice. The Spanish wall vault was affordable to build, and the rural cemetery provided the space to build large structures to house the entombed.

The community mausoleum began to gain interest in the United States in the 1870’s. Many of the cemeteries in rural locations near major cities were becoming a wonderland with stone carvings and the artwork of family and private mausoleum. Those attending services at these locations began to have an interest in mausoleums for themselves and their loved ones. The early attempts at community mausoleums were not a great success as construction did not meet the standard of today’s installations and maintenance costs were high. With the introduction of improved construction methods and, therefore, lowered maintenance costs, new community mausoleums began to appear across the country.

Today, with modern construction methods ensuring reasonable maintenance costs, the community mausoleum can be found in most of the larger cemeteries. Many locations offer the space to house thousands of loved ones in beauty and taste. Both indoor and garden mausoleums are available at many locations, the latter being a less expensive alternative without the cost of heating the indoor facility with an attached chapel in colder climates. The rise in popularity of cremation has added to the demand as many opt to have the remains housed in an urn niche provided at most of today’s locations.

The community mausoleum of today are stately and majestic. Most are built of various types of granite and offer many amenities, such as permanent name carvings, vases for floral tributes, brass or bronze plaque depictions of service or faith, skylights, seating and privacy. Many offer areas that can be purchased for entire families. Most are in garden settings giving a peaceful, contemplative feeling. In many locations, this form of burial can be obtained at a reasonable price and a loved one’s journey into eternity can be ensured in beautiful serenity.

Private Mausoleum Resource Directory

While communal mausoleums serve the public, private mausoleums offer an environment for secluded and deeply intimate reflection. Private mausoleums have been constructed throughout history for individuals who have achieved unparalleled personal success, for prominent families, and other notable persons – including state leaders, intellectuals, celebrities, and fallen heroes. Construction of a private mausoleum is inherently personal, made possible by a flexible and customized process.

A chief benefit of private mausoleums is the potential for customization. Mausoleum design options are extensive and include open-air construction, modern and contemporary design features, or more traditional appointments. A private mausoleum reflects the personality, faith, and individual preferences of the person or family interred for eternity. Take a few moments to begin your own design process by viewing photographs of previously designed and constructed mausoleums, both classic and modern.

Ensuring your legacy with a private, artisan-crafted mausoleum is invaluable. A private mausoleum guarantees the highest quality material and workmanship, and is warranted unconditionally.

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